High-class roof bread in Japan




    The typhoon has passed, but it's still hot.
    Today we will introduce you to the high-class bread that is popular in Japan!
    It is a common bread sold at a supermarket for about 200JPY.
    But now there are many high-end stores in the city.
    Bread made with carefully selected ingredients and carefully selected ingredients is really delicious.
    The other day, I found such a store in Kujo shopping street.



    Most of the high-class breads at famous shops are large,

    it is hard to eat with a small number of people,

    This shop was sold for a small size of 440JPY.


    It is good for breakfast for alone or while traveling!

    This shop is in Kujo shopping street.


    There are some nice properties that I manage nearby, 
    so it is recommended that you use them for your trip or business trip!