Meditation / Mindfulness




    The other day at the J&M Share space, we had a “meditation”presented by vowsbar.


    Here is Vowsbar. It is closed now.



    I have done meditation for the first time,

    It was a very wonderful time when I noticed many things again.



    I think that it will have a positive effect on the stress society in the world.

    I often hear the word "mindfulness", but it seems to have the same effect.


    This was the 35th “meditation”presented by vowsbar.

    I was glad to be used the J&M Share space.


    The teacher have a meditation experience at the Airbnb Experience.

    I felt that it was a great relationship. . . It seems that many guests are visited.


    After that, we made a party with everyone.

    This time I prepared dough and made homemade pizza!



    It was delicious with lots of ingredients and it was fun!



    If you are interested in it, please join us, Welcome to both of Japanese and foreigners.^^